• The Hydroid is the industry’s premier compact-portable commercial water filter at an affordable price. Achieve up to a 5,000 GPD capacity (blended), or 3,200 GPD pure RO water. Not only is the Hydroid powerful, but it can produce a 2 parts product to 1 part waste water ratio, making it the most efficient system in its class. New, groundbreaking technology for a compact system with commercial scale performance.

    • Compact commercial reverse osmosis system
    • Up to 5,000 GPD capacity with blend valve (3,200 GPD pure RO water capacity)
    • Plug and play with all pre-filtration onboard
    • 66% recovery means a 2-parts RO water to 1-part waste water
    • Blend valve to blend post carbon treated water with RO water to customize the TDS (this also increases recovery/efficiency)
    • On board ultra-high capacity sediment and carbon hybrid filter with 125,000-gallon capacity
    • Microprocessor RO controller with auto flush function, TDS meter, filter capacity monitor, and other high-end features
    • Stainless steel, multi-stage centrifugal pump for continuous operation
    • Plug and play, encapsulated proprietary membranes and carbon pre-filter
    • Liquid filled pressure gauges and flow meters
    • 110V standard plug
    • Low pressure and high-pressure switches
    • Electronic float switch hookup leads as well as mechanical float valve ready
    • Casters come standard
    • Heavy duty powder coated aluminum frame
    • Comes with all tubing and garden hose connector
    • Only one blend valve, no other valves or controls to mess with. Very easy operation.
    • Made in the USA

Part Number: 11675
MSRP: $ 5,495.00

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