• The Hydroid is the industry’s premier compact-portable commercial water filter at an affordable price. Achieve up to a 4,500 GPD capacity (blended), or 3,000 GPD pure RO water. Not only is the Hydroid powerful, but it can produce a 2 parts product to 1 part waste water ratio, making it the most efficient system in its class. New, groundbreaking technology for a compact system with commercial scale performance. 

    The Hydroid compact commercial reverse osmosis system is designed to operate on municipal city water sources and not recommended for well water sources that are very hard or have a TDS of over 500 PPM. The optional Anti-scalant kit is designed for those on city or well water with elevated hardness and/or high TDS.

    • Compact commercial reverse osmosis system
    • Up to 4,500 GPD capacity with blend valve (3,000 GPD pure RO water capacity)
    • Plug and play with all pre-filtration onboard
    • 66% recovery means a 2-parts RO water to 1-part waste water
    • Blend valve to blend post carbon treated water with RO water to customize the TDS (this also increases recovery/efficiency)
    • On board ultra-high capacity sediment and carbon hybrid filter with 75,000-gallon capacity
    • Microprocessor RO controller with auto flush function, TDS meter, filter capacity monitor, and other high-end features
    • Stainless steel, multi-stage centrifugal pump for continuous operation
    • Plug and play, encapsulated proprietary membranes and carbon pre-filter
    • Liquid filled pressure gauges and flow meters
    • 110V standard plug
    • Low pressure and high-pressure switches
    • Electronic float switch hookup leads as well as mechanical float valve ready
    • Casters come standard (loose in box)
    • Heavy duty powder coated aluminum frame
    • Comes with all tubing (including flush tubing), garden hose connector and extra locking clips
    • Only one blend valve, no other valves or controls to mess with. Very easy operation
    • The low-pressure switch shuts off the system when the feed water pressure drops below 15 PSI, preventing damage to the pump. The system restarts automatically when there is a constant pressure of 35 PSI or more
    • Flow rates of RO systems are based on source water @ 65 psi / 77° / 500 ppm
    • Made in the USA
    • Dimensions (H x W x D): 21" x 25" x 18.5"
    • Weight: 106 lbs
    • Tariff: 8421210000
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Part Number: HL 11675
MSRP: $ 5,495.00
UPC: 812111014056

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