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Efficient and Earth Friendly Water Purification Systems

Cutting-Edge Water Filtration Technology

HydroLogic Purification Systems® specializes in a wide range of professional quality water purification products designed for many uses including gardening, hydroponics, residential, and commercial applications. We have the most efficient water purifiers in the industry, saving water, time and money. From the backyard gardener to professional coffee roaster, our diverse customer base appreciates our cutting-edge technology, simple set-up, affordable pricing and of course, amazing results. We pride ourselves on being an earth-friendly company and utilize local resources and labor for the majority of our products. We source as many USA made components as feasible. Many of our systems, like the Evolution-RO™ and HyperLogic Commercial RO, are completely manufactured in the USA. We incorporate earth friendly, green technologies like our green coconut carbon filter, made from eco-friendly coconut husks rather than traditionally mined carbon.

Fresh Water Scarcity is a Growing Issue, Worldwide

It is imperative we conserve as much fresh water as possible. That is why we strive for ultra-efficient technologies and offer choices in reverse osmosis water ratios for our customers. We pioneered the “reverse-ratio” technology that saves 75% of the drain water that comparable RO systems waste. We’ve also designed the first HVAC reclamation system, ARCS, that scales from small grower to industrial grow operation. Today, we’ve taken what we’ve learned over the past 15 years and launched a complete line of professional, commercial water purification technologies with the flagship product being the incredibly efficient and expandable capacity HyperLogic RO system. Please visit for more info. Count on HydroLogic for simple, smart, affordable water purification, that keeps the earth in mind. Now anyone can enjoy unlimited amounts of crystal-clear water in their home, garden, or for their business and achieve the best results possible.

Trusted by

  • “Our Stealth RO has been running perfectly for years now, we love it!”
    — Andre Morris, Farmer

  • “Calcium and magnesium are both so important to our health...this system is amazing!”
    — Betty Michaels, mother of two.

  • “By running drain water through the RO filter, we use 50% less water with the HyperLogic!”
    — Cruz Car Wash

Our Commitment to the Environment

Our Products
  • We lead the industry with waste water saving features on all RO (Reverse Osmosis) products
  • Our HyperLogic commercial RO boasts Reverse Ratio technology: 4 parts product to 1 part waste water!
  • Our ARCS technology can supply up to 80% of daily water demand in sealed environments, by reclaiming HVAC condensate, water that would normally go down the drain.
  • We use local vendors, resources, and materials as much as possible instead of getting everything imported from overseas and have all systems built in California and Arizona
  • All of our products use the world’s #1 earth friendly coconut carbon (which is an increased cost but it virtually eliminates greenhouse gas emissions associated with standard coconut carbon production)
  • Our ecospring™ is an ultra-efficient, compact, zero petroleum based plastic
Paper + Packaging
  • All of marketing and packaging materials are made in California
  • We specify recycled paper and soy ink on most of our print material
  • Our office uses recycled paper exclusively
  • We ship freight in California to minimize fossil fuel consumption
  • We reuse boxes/packing material for other shipments to customers