I appreciate the fast response. I will be recommending your product to all my friends for your great customer service.

Thank you so much guys …this is why I chose you over competitors this time… customer service… the past 3 I had would not offer any compensation when I had first stage crack n flood my whole basement I’ll definitely refer my buddy’s to your products

Thanks for your time and all the help. Aside from the frustrations with the time delay I’m REALLY happy to have hooked up with you guys and to have identified this problem.

Thank you for your support regarding this matter! Have a great day…


Stealth-RO100™ goin’ strong. I swear the difference in plant health and fruit flavor is unmatched, regardless of culture method. And I can finally brew a decent pot of coffee thanks to the remineralizer. Thanks, man. My plants, my fish, and my family all thank you.

˜ Eliab Lozada, House and Garden


Hi I have the Stealth-RO200™ and a month or two ago the pressure gauge stopped working. I called and talked to Jason I believe and told him the problem. He sent me a new gauge assembly and I was back to work. What great service! I don’t know that I had even registered the warranty, but I am forever a HydroLogic customer because of your service. Thank you very much.

— Sincerely, Marc


Jason, I want to take a moment to offer my gratitute for your superlative support. From sharing your time and expertise to the patience you showed in dealing with my many questions over the source of several telephone calls. HydroLogic staff is fortunate such professional, knowlegeable staff. The municipal water supply entering our home leaves much to be desired. For the past several years we have been drinking bottled water. This has become increasingly cost prohibitive. Cost notwithstanding, there is also the question of source quality even for the best bottled ‘spring’ water. In the end, the decision to take personal responsibility for the water we drink was the simple one. Your support made HydroLogic the clear choice. The installation of the Evolution-RO1000™ is now complete and the system is operational. The quality of the water is nothing short of remarkable. As cliche as it may sound, I had nearly forgotten what it is like to drink water that is at once refreshing and satisfying. Thank You!

˜ Mark


Jason, Thank you for your consistent imperial service and wizard level knowledge of water treatment. I appreciate all of the time and effort you have generously allotted me to solve my water issues and streamlining the return of the defective parts to get me from down and dirty to up and running. Please let me know if there is someone I can contact at your company to inform that you have are an extreme asset, or please forward this communication to someone who will recognize this. Thank you for your time.

˜ Sincerely, Garth