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The water in Las Vegas is super hard, tastes bad and is just not good at all. We have an RO system in the kitchen but we use that water for drinking and cooking (if you try to use it too much it regenerates really slow).

I got this for my photography darkroom and for cleaning. For film and paper developing I know it is important to have good water, and with this I went from water with a PPM of around 500ppm to under 10 ppm. It works GREAT at removing everything you do not want in your water.

The wife uses this RO systems water for the mop, and it leaves the floor so much cleaner and Streak-free compared to regular tap water.

I would highly recommend this system to anyone concerned with lowering the ppm in their water.

For us.. we are around 40psi.. and it takes about 9 minutes to fill a gallon of water.. or about 50 minutes to fill a large 5 gallon water jug.