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Kombucha and Reverse Osmosis Water

In every production industry, taking the guesswork out of troubleshooting is equal to money in the bank. When it comes to the competitive world of kombucha production, having full control over water chemistry is one of the most important investments a company can make. For Aina Kombucha, starting with a pure water base using HydroLogic reverse osmosis filters was essential to the science, engineering and, ultimately, the profitability of their product.

SCOBY thrives in reserve osmosis water

The most important component of producing excellent kombucha on a commercial scale is the health of the SCOBY. Since not everyone is familiar with that term, the world SCOBY (an aquatic, gelatinous, cellulose-based biofilm) stands for Symbiotic Culture Of Bacteria and Yeast.  Essentially, the SCOBY is responsible for anaerobically metabolizing sugars into that zingy, fresh taste that makes kombucha and other healthy probiotic drinks so popular. Here’s the upshot on creating and maintaining a happy, productive SCOBY: It LOVES pure water.

The fastest, most efficient and most economical way to make pure water is with Hydrologic's reverse osmosis filter. Water chemistry variables are the sworn enemy of kombucha production. Chlorinated tap water is, by design, supposed to kill things like bacteria and yeast. Water with any kind of toxicity or parasites should be avoided, period. Even mineral content can damage a SCOBY, over time. In order to be batch-consistent and predictable in output, SCOBYs need pure, clean water (and of course, a lot of sugar to digest).

Aina and Hydrologic: Two Great Tastes That Go Great Together


Aina Kombucha & Hydrologic combine forces
Aina Kombucha uses the HydroLogic Stealth-RO300™ fully decked out with a Stealth-RO™ UV Sterilizer and light blocking Stealth-RO™ Algae Block Sleeves.


Aina Organic Kombucha, a family owned, small batch and totally delicious Kombucha company, made the leap to HydroLogic reverse osmosis filtration systems to ensure their SCOBY investments can thrive in the best conditions possible. What separates Aina from the rest of the kombucha pack, is their exquisite attention to detail, locally sourced organic ingredients and dedication to the health and happiness of their SCOBY crew!

Hope you get a chance to try this delicious beverage! And remember it was made with PURE water.

For information Aina Kombucha on Instagram.