Upgrade Kit to Convert Merlin Garden Pro to Evolution RO1000

  • Get 1000 gallons per day of pure water and a 1:1 waste water ratio without replacing your Merlin!  The Merlin to Evolution upgrade kit will convert your Merlin Garden Pro into an Evolution RO1000 by replacing the existing manifold, lock bar and support leg. It also comes with a 2:1 and 1:1 drain elbow fitting option, for the lowest waste ratio possible!

    Optional: While you can use the original Merlin-Garden Pro membranes, carbon filter and dry pressure gauge, complete your upgrade by adding the Evolution RO1000 membranes, KDF/Carbon filter and liquid filled pressure gauge. 

Part Number: HL# 33008
MSRP: $ 387.80

When do I change the filter?

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