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TALLBoy™ UV Sterilizer Kit—2 GPM

  • Ultraviolet Sterilizer add on kit provides up to 100% protection against bacteria, viruses, cysts and pathogens in the product water

    • Great for well or surface water sources
    • Ensures the safest water
    • For use with TALLBoy and most RO and filter systems and up to 2 GPM flow rates
    • Lamp replacement recommended every 8,000 total hours of operation
    • Clean the quartz sleeve every 6 months with alcohol
    • Consumed Power: 5.5-25W
    • Input: 110V, 50/60Hz
    • Ambient Water Temperature: 36°F-110°F
    • Iron: <0.3ppm (0.3mg/l)
    • Hardness: <7gpg (120mg/l)
    • Turbidity: <1NTU
    • Manganese: 0.05ppm (0.05mg/l)
    • UV Transmittance: >75%
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Part Number: HL 35020
UPC: 812111012618

When do I change the filter?

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The TALLBoy™ UV Sterilizer Kit—2 GPM comes with the following parts