Stealth-RO™ or smallBoy™ Green Coconut Carbon Filter

  • This green coconut carbon water filter removes up to 99% chlorine, sediment, rust, silt, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), mercury, lead and PCBs (organic chlorine)

    • Rated at 1 GPM (gallons per minutes)
    • 10 micron nominal filtration
    • No release of carbon fines
    • Reduced rinse time due to carbon fines
    • Greater dirt load capacity and flow efficiencies
    • Industry leading performance
    • Made in the USA
    • smallBoy: Replace after 3,000 gallons
    • Stealth-RO: Replace after 1,250 gallons

    Filter replacement schedules for RO carbon filters based on product water

    • Meets California Prop 65 compliance
    • Meets Lead Free Certification
    • Dimensions (H x W): 9.75" x 2.75"
    • Weight: 0.806 lbs
    • Tariff: 8421990040
  • Stealth-RO or smallBoy Green Coconut Carbon Filter Downloads


Part Number: HL 22110
MSRP: $ 17.95
UPC: 812111010454

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