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Evolution-RO™ Dry Membrane

    • NEW AND IMPROVED Ultra-Efficient Dry Membrane
    • Reduces 95%+ of total dissolved solids (TDS)
    • 20% Increased Flow Rate
    • Filters 600+ gallons per day (GPD)
    • Replace between 6 months–2 years

    Flow rates of RO systems are based on source water @ 65 psi / 77° / 500 ppm

    RO output depends on the source water temperature. At 77°, the system should produce 100% of the rated output. As the temperature drops or increases, so does the output.

    If you would like to know the TFC specifically for your wanted output, check out our TFC chart.

    • Dimensions (H x W): 18.625" x 3.125"
    • Weight: 2.275 lbs
    • Evolution-RO Membrane Downloads

Part Number: HGC728774
UPC: 812111013448

When do I change the filter?

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