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Merlin-Garden Pro™ Replaced by the Evolution-RO™ DISCONTINUED

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    We currently have 2 options for the Evolution booster pump

    The original Merlin booster pump will work with the Evolution. The good thing about this pump is that it is relatively affordable at $329 retail. The drawbacks are that it only boosts pressure up to 60 psi (and 75 psi is the ideal pressure for the Evolution), it thermally cycles (which means it runs for 20 minutes and then shuts itself off for 10 minutes over and over again to protect the motor from overheating), and it has about a 1200 hour motor life. It is not designed to be run continuously. It is designed for shorter, more intermittent run times. An electronic shut off kit is required when using this pump with a float valve. See links below

    Pressure Booster Pump - Merlin-GP - w/ 115 VAC cord & 1/2" QC fittings

    Electronic Shut-Off Kit for Evolution-RO & Merlin-Garden Pro

    We also offer a continuous duty commercial booster pump for the Evolution that is far superior to the Merlin Booster pump. This pump is super heavy duty. The great thing about this pump is that it can be used for long run times over and over and because the motor does not have brush components, it will perform for many years. It has an adjustable pressure screw so one can set the psi to whatever they like (75 psi is recommended). It also has a pump protector/filter built into it. The pump has a low pressure switch which protects it against loss of pressure or inlet water flow. It also has a high pressure switch that shuts the pump off when a shut-off valve or float valve is triggered on the RO line.  An electronic shut off kit is not required when using this pump. A simple mechanical float valve will automate the pump and Evo. This pump retails for $879.95. See link below.

    Pressure Booster Pump for Evolution-RO - Continuous Duty

    Both pumps require a minimum of 20 psi inlet pressure to perform.

Part Number: NA - Discontinued

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