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HydroLogic Fittings Kit for Retailers DISCONTINUED

  • Introducing the new HydroLogic fittings kit! We've assembled our most common fittings for the Stealth, Evolution-RO™, smallBoy™, TALLBoy™ and BIGboy™ in one convenient package. Contains a total of 65 pieces of 20 unique fittings. This sturdy case keeps your HydroLogic fittings organized, labeled and easy to find.

    Stores: Give your customers the best service by offering the items they need most—and often at a moment’s notice

    Gardeners: Need a fitting? Ask your favorite local hydroponics store first, and get what you need immediately! Call the HydroLogic sales team for pricing and details

Part Number: HL 30003

When do I change the filter?

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