Flowmaster - 1/4" QC - StealthRO-200/300 and Small Boy - gallonage & filter capacity monitor - 0.1-1.0 GPM

    • Gallonage & filter capacity monitor.
    • Operates at flow rates between 0.01-1.0 GPM.
    • Accurately tracks the number of gallons of filtered water produced and alerts you when it’s time to change your filters.
    • Displays in gallons or liters.
    • Also shows real time flow rates.
    • For use with Stealth-RO200/300 GPD models, or most RO systems with 1/4" fittings and flow rates up to 1 GPM

Part Number: HL 19015
MSRP: $ 54.00

When do I change the filter?

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