KDF85/Catalytic Carbon upgrade filter - 20"x4.5" for Big Boy

    • 20" X 4.5"
      For use with BigBoy

      - Doubles filter life, 50,000 gallon capacity
      - Reduces chloramines, chlorine, iron, sulfur and heavy metals
      - Great for city or well water! Bacteriostatic qualities do not allow microbes to breed in filter

    • Filter Specifications:
      -10”x2.5” translucent cartridge
      -Mixed bed deionization resin
      -Cation and Anion DI resins 50/50
      -Color indicating
      -7,500 PPM capacity
      -Rated @ 0.25 GPM7

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Part Number: HL# 22070
MSRP: $ 127.95

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