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  • The Triton-RO200™ water filtration system is designed and built with one goal in mind: to deliver the highest quality, professional grade products, incorporating earth friendly designs and components.

    We strive to offer tools for the serious aquarist needed to maintain the healthiest and most vibrant aquariums possible.

    • Dimensions (H x W x D): 18.75" x 16.5" x 6"
    • Weight: 15.00 LBS



    Cartridge DI

    Green Coconut Carbon

    RO Membrane

Part Number: HL 31052

When do I change the filter?

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The Triton-RO/DI200™ DISCONTINUED comes with the following parts


      Q: I have well water, what challenges can I expect?

      A: Here are the most common challenges when filtering well water:

      • It is typically colder which will decrease your flow rates because cold water flows slower through a reverse osmosis membrane
      • Often has higher PPM/TDS levels (hardness) which can decrease the life of a membrane
      • Can contain high levels of sediment which can easly clog a carbon or sediment prefilter
      • Can have high levels of iron, manganese and hydrogen sulfide (rotten egg smell)
      • It occassionaly contains iron bacteria which is difficult to remove
      • It generally has low water pressure

      Q: How do I treat water containing iron?

      A: There are different methods of treating iron depending on how much iron is present in the source water. The easiest way to know how much iron you have is to get your water tested from NTL.

      • For a city water analysis use product code: 9001
      • For a well water analysis use product code: 9003
      Once you have your water analysis, please contact us at (888) 426-5644 with your water report and we can assist you with choosing an appropriate prefiltration method.

      Q: How do I know if I have iron in my water?

      A: If your carbon or sediment filter appears to be red, maroon, orange or brown in color you have iron in your water. You may also notice that your sinks and or toilets also have this discoloration. See an example image below of a system that was used to filter water with excessive iron levels.

      filter water with excessive iron levels;