Jason, I want to take a moment to offer my gratitute for your superlative support. From sharing your time and expertise to the patience you showed in dealing with my many questions over the source of several telephone calls. HydroLogic staff is fortunate such professional, knowlegeable staff. The municipal water supply entering our home leaves much to be desired. For the past several years we have been drinking bottled water. This has become increasingly cost prohibitive. Cost notwithstanding, there is also the question of source quality even for the best bottled ‘spring’ water. In the end, the decision to take personal responsibility for the water we drink was the simple one. Your support made HydroLogic the clear choice. The installation of the Evolution-RO™ is now complete and the system is operational. The quality of the water is nothing short of remarkable. As cliche as it may sound, I had nearly forgotten what it is like to drink water that is at once refreshing and satisfying. Thank You!

˜ Mark