Trade Show Events 2017

Jan 28, Indo Expo, Denver CO

Jan 31 - Feb 1, NCIA Seed to Sale, Denver CO

Feb 16 - 18, Cannacon, Seattle WA
Booth #124

Feb 28 Sara on Cannabis Talk Radio 101

March 6-8th California Cannabis Business Expo, San Diego Ca
(walking the floor)

March 20 -22, Cannabis Cultivation Conference, Oakland CA
Booth #503

May 17th-19th, Marijuana Business Conference, Washington DC
The HyperLogicwill be on display at Gardening Unlimted/Growbiz, 
Booth #837

June 3-4, GrowX, San Jose

June 12-14, NCIA, Oakland CA
Booth #722

July 15th -18th, Cultivate '17, Columbus OH
Booth #218

August 5th-6th, Indo Expo, Portland OR
Booth #432

November 15th-17th, MJBizCon, Las Vegas NV
Booth #1528



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