Hello! (again)

As you may have noticed, we’ve (gasp!) redesigned Hydro-Logic Purification Systems website.  We did this for a couple of reasons, all of which we hope will translate into our customers having a better, easier and more productive online experience with us. One of the most helpful features on our new site is we will soon be selling discontinued or “impossible to get anywhere else” parts, direct to you via shopping cart. We offer this service to our many customers out there who still have bulletproof “elderly” systems, cranking away. If it ain’t broke, don’t replace it!

Another addition to the new site is, well, what you are reading right now…a blog! I’ll be chiming in with regular updates, relevant industry news and event schedules so you never have to miss a thing. All of this will be tied into our Facebook profile so be sure to “like” us if you haven’t already. On that note, did you know we have a Pinterest, Instagram and YouTube channel as well? No one can accuse us of being “anti-social”, that’s for sure.

In case you are new to us, Hydro-Logic Purification Systems specializes in a wide range of professional quality water purification products designed for many uses, including gardening and hydroponics, residential, aquarium, and commercial applications. We are known world-wide as providers of the most efficient, rock-solid water purifiers in the industry, saving you time and money. From a backyard gardener to a professional coffee roaster, our customers appreciate our cutting-edge technology, unbeatable efficiency, simple set-up, affordable pricing and of course, amazing results. 

And if you are one of the 100k+ dedicated HydroLogic customers, welcome back, it's good to see you again.

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